Use Social Media To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Social Media is very useful to drive traffic to a website. All major and small companies are using social media to drive traffic to their website and products. As a part of study made 71% percent of social media users are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow online. Companies who are not using social media left far behind in today's market. Finding different ways to promote your website through social media is very crucial .
Using social media is a great strategy that bring exposure to the website engaging with its audience. Share a post and generate an online conversation which helps to engage with audience and learn more. It is more useful to drive traffic up to 60-75% online.

Strategies For Driving Traffic:

#1. Add Social Sharing Icons

Another strategy to driving more traffic to website is encouraging visitors to share my post through social media. Make sure to add a sharing tool plugin in your site.

# 2 Use Data Collection To Analyze Your Site

Use Google Analytics to track and collect detailed statistics about your website traffic, social networking sites, and much more.

#3 Fill Out Your Social Media Profile

A major mistake many people do when signing up for social media is not taking the time to fill out their profile. It only takes a few minutes to fill out the bio, add a picture, and lastly add your URL of your website.

#4 Encourage Visitors To Share

Another strategy you can employ to drive more traffic is asking your visitors to share your blog post. It is an extremely easy way to drive more traffic your website.

# 5 Facebook Business Page

Creating a business account on Facebook is another way to help you earn trust from your audience. Transparency in providing information is much needed to gain the trust from the buyers and customers.