Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Did you know you can use social media to drive traffic to your website? Many companies from small to large are using social media to drive traffic to their websites and products.  As a part of study made 71% percent of social media users are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow online. Social media is increasing everyday and companies not using social media will be left behind. Finding different ways to promote your website through social media is very crucial to the success of your site. In this post, I will discuss my strategies to driving more traffic to my website using social media. 

I personally use social media to drive traffic to my website.  When using social media a great strategy that brings exposure to my site is engaging with my audience. I share a post and generate online conversation, which helps me engage with my audience and learn more about them.  Today as a result of using social media content strategy drives 72% of my traffic.