Google Panda 4.2 Released - Slowly Rolling Out

Google has released Panda 4.2 after being without a Google Panda refresh for about 10 months.

The most interesting thing about this Panda refresh was that virtually no one noticed. Really, no one.

Panda refresh began this weekend, around Saturday and is rolling out incredibly slowly. It can take up months to fully roll out and even on a site by site basis, not all of your pages may pick up on the roll out for months. This does not mean the algorithm is page-by-page basis, it is a site-wide algorithm.

Google wouldn't tell why it was going to be such a slow roll out, but they didn't want to say much about it.

One point to add, even though it is rolling out slowly, making changes to your site now, won't make a difference with Panda 4.2. Of course, it may help when Google pushes Panda 4.3, whenever that might be.

That being said, I can say for sure, that this site does seem to see an uptick in Google organic traffic since this weekend. Yes, this site was hit by the Panda 4.1 update on September 25, 2014. But now, it seems that there is a significant recovery happening since 4.2 released this weekend.